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You Know You’re Getting Old When…(Part Two)

You know you’re getting old when…well, lots of things. Such as those mentioned in the video at the end of this post.

But lately, I encountered further proof of my aging.

I said something that, as a kid, I vowed I’d never say to a young person.

You know what I’m talking about. Things like,

  • “When I was your age…”
  • “Those were the days.”
  • “In my day…”
  • “When you grow up, I hope you have a kid just like you!”

I was having a conversation with the produce manager of our local grocery store who, a couple of weeks earlier, had earned her Associate’s degree from the local community college. The young lady, probably around twenty-five years old, was telling me her plans to pursue her Bachelor’s. Remembering that she had done most of the studies for her Associate’s via the Internet, I asked if she was going to continue to attend classes online.

She said yes.

I grabbed my cane, stooped over it, and with my white hair flopping in front of my face told her in my shaky, hoarse, old-woman voice, “You young people don’t know how good you have it.”

I hadn’t planned on saying it. Was surprised when the words came out of my mouth.

We both laughed, and she said, “I know, I know.”

Here’s what I know. I know I’m getting old when I say something like, “You young people don’t know how good you have it.”

And I’m not even fifty yet. Sheesh.

Here’s the video I mentioned earlier. Enjoy.

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