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You Know It’s A Good Hotel When…

We went to Minnesota for Christmas a month ago. Stuff happened. As a consequence, I decided to write a Tripadvisor review for the hotel, a Fairfield Inn And Suites, where we stayed.

(BTW, no, I’m not getting paid to publish this post. It’s just that I’m feverishly trying to finish the second draft of a novel so my brain can’t come up with any decent blog post ideas so I thought I’d share this happy bit of my life.)

Here it is:

Besides being a relatively new hotel and thus everything being in tip-top shape, this hotel deserves five stars for the friendly staff and how wonderful and accommodating they were when we had a sort-of unexpected chink in our plans.

My stepdad passed away during our stay, and at first I was considering staying for his funeral. When I talked to the front desk staff, the clerk happily extended our stay, in the same room. He also agreed to charge us the same fee we had been charged our first night there, which was the cheapest night of the five we’d originally been scheduled to stay. When I explained that I wasn’t certain that we would be staying for those extra two or three nights, he said we wouldn’t be charged a fee for not following Marriot’s standard 48-hour cancellation rule, just to keep the front desk posted regarding our plans and that he would leave a note regarding our circumstances for the other clerks to see.

We ended up staying just one extra night due to the nasty post-Christmas storm that predicted icy weather the night before the funeral (which happened), but even so, not having to worry about our room/fee status was such a blessing during that difficult week.

Thank you, Marriot! (I wish I could give the name of the guy who originally helped me, but I’ve forgotten it.)

A week or two later, the front desk manager left this reply:

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to leave us such a fantastic review! It was truly a pleasure having you all stay with us, and it means a lot to know that our staff was able to provide you with everything you needed. We are sorry to hear about the loss of your stepdad, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to host you and your family during this trying time. Your kind words will be shared with our staff, and our thoughts go out to you and your loved ones. We wish you all the best, and should your travels bring you back to the area we would love to serve you again!

– Nicholas Carlson
[Front Office Manager]

Isn’t that sweet? (Everybody, on three…AWWW.)

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