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Yet Another Short Story For Your Reading Pleasure!

A few days ago, I published yet another surprise-ending short story. The title is The Piano, and this one has a history.

I actually wrote a much longer short story with a similar premise in my early twenties, when I thought I could write. The verbage was much more flowery, and the ending arbitrary and not necessarily sensible in the context. I hung onto it, though, as I’ve hung onto most of what I wrote in those early wannabe writer days, thinking I’d do something with it one day.

Well, lookee here, I have. 😉

Click here to check it out.

And remember that if you purchase the short story collection of which it is a part, Surprise Shorts, Volume 1, you save a bunch of money over purchasing each short story separately.

TIA for checking it out, and if you decide to read it, please remember to leave a review. Many more thanks. 🙂

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