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Yet Another One Of My Dire Confessions

I have a confession to make. Another confession, as I’ve made four or five confessions over the course of my blogging career (though not all on this blog).

Here’s my confession: I wrote the series “Rock Star Husbands” for the express purpose of making money. Of course, I wrote and published all of my novels with the hope that they’d help out with the household bills. But with each of the others, there was a deeper purpose. To lift up Yeshua. To encourage believers in their faith. To teach people about healthy eating and financial responsibility.

This series? I said to myself, “Sweet, clean romances with a celebrity protagonist are hot! I’m going to get on the bandwagon, and finally start making a living income from my writing!”

It’s been my worst-selling series yet.

I will say this about the first book in the series, Worth The Risk: after I wrote the short story “Revenge,” which was based on a dream I had, I’d felt an inner nudge to turn the story into a novel. It had to be God, because it happened right after I’d told the blogosphere that I was no longer going to write novels.

In retrospect, I believe that the novel was meant for me, and me alone. It was a kind of catharsis. (Not going there; none of your business.) As a matter of fact, the original novel was completely different, entitled Tony’s Rose. The reason I rewrote it was that after I published it, the first review was only two stars.

That should have been my first clue.

But I didn’t want to have taken two months to write a novel and not make any money from it!

And there’s the problem, right there: I had my eyes on greenbacks instead of on Yeshua.

I repent, and humbly ask for my readers’ forgiveness. It’s really hard not to get drawn away from God when you focus on making money. From now on, the primary purpose for any novel or non-fiction book I write will be to spread the Gospel, and/or to encourage believers in their faith.

A secondary confession? The novel I recently finished, I wrote for the general marketplace. Though it had Christian undertones and carried the theme of forgiveness, I wrote it with the hopes of finding a big-name, non-Christian publisher so I’d have a better chance of making a lot of money from it.

I’m currently rewriting it to glorify God. (I’m actually writing this post on March 24, so the rewrite might be finished by the time you read these words.)

I’m a work in progress, but He’s progressing me. 😉

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