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Yet Another Novel Idea (Or, A Few Of Them)

I changed my mind.

In a recent post, I announced that I was going to set aside the “Pine Mountain Estates” series for which I’ve written two novels, and work on the “Rock Star Husbands” series instead. But when I took a close look at Tony’s Rose, the first book in the “Rock Star” series, I came to a jarring, and for a while dismaying, conclusion:

Much of the story is boring.

It isn’t nearly as interesting as most of the other novels I have available in the Kindle store. Which is backwards. An author is supposed to improve her writing with time, not get worse!

Another problem with it is that the major problem in the second book in the series also appears in Tony’s Rose. It’s in a different form and not quite as important, but the similarity would be obvious to anyone who reads both novels. And since the entire story in the second book revolves around the problem, I would have to completely rewrite it with a completely different problem to distinguish it from the plot line of Tony’s Rose.

I’m not going to do that.

On the other hand, I introduce an internal conflict for the male protagonist in the beginning of Tony’s Rose, which I drop not too far into the book. In other words, I make no move to resolve that conflict for him. Poor guy.

In author-speak, I imply a promise to my readers, and don’t fulfill it.

However, right now the story contains a small problem, currently resolved toward the beginning of the story, that I can easily blow up to become major and continue throughout the entire novel. It relates to the internal conflict, and is the perfect impetus to creating conflict between the two main characters. Resolving that problem could lead to a much more satisfying climax.

So, I’m going to have to rewrite the novel, almost completely. When I’m finished, I’m going to re-title both novels, one reason being that the two reviews I have for Tony’s Rose right now won’t pertain to the new story. And as soon as I finish this blog post, I’m going to go unpublish both the “Rock Star Husbands” books.

The bummer about that is that I’ve already invested $100 each for the covers of those two novels. Oh, well. I may be able to get the original artist of Tony’s Rose to simply redo the title, at a discounted price. Or I may figure out how to make my own nice covers with Canva.

I made this decision, to work on “Pine Mountain” right now and set aside “Rock Star Husbands”, just a day or two after publishing the blog post in which I stated I was going to do the opposite. Why?

When I looked at Pine Mountain Secrets, the first book in the series, I realized that the only big problem was toward the end, when I had a lot of telling and not a lot of showing. I remedied that by first, adding a chapter toward the beginning for the minor point-of-view character; and second, by inserting flashback scenes of one of the major characters in chapters where the narration was from her point of view. Thus, when you get toward the end of the book where she is explaining her background to the other characters, you mainly get a quick summary because you’ve already seen the thorough descriptions in the flashbacks.

The second book won’t require any rewriting beyond adding some foreshadowing that leads into the third book. So my next goal is to plan out that third book as much as I can. I hope to actually start writing it within the next week.

There you go – my latest novel-writing update. And now you have a slight idea about how the blood, sweat, and tears that novelists go through in order to produce good stories. 😉

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