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What Is My Purpose?

“What is my purpose? Why do I exist? What is the meaning of life?”

Through the ages, philosophers, theologians, and spiritual gurus have done their best to make a simple answer to a simple question as complicated as possible. And then there are the modern-day self-improvement gurus.

Taken together, they have made us believe that discovering our purpose in life requires a lot of time, many steps, a lightning bolt from heaven, and/or an expensive weekend conference. I’ll freely admit I’ve gotten sucked into that, and in my own writings have made finding out one’s purpose to be much more difficult than it actually is.

The truth is, every single human being shares the same purpose with every other. And the purpose is two-fold.

Your purpose in a nutshell

God created you in Their image (I use the plural there because God does so in Genesis: “Let Us make man after Our own image…” [Genesis 1:26 emphasis mine]). So our purpose is similar to that of God.

What is God’s essence? God is love. Therefore, the first part of our purpose is to love. We are to love God, other people, and ourselves. This love is the selfless kind that requires service. We love God by obeying both His written word and the words He speaks to our hearts in a still, small voice. We love ourselves by taking care of ourselves, body, soul, and spirit. We love others by helping out when we see a need, by forgiving, by respecting them even when we disagree with them on a sensitive issue.

God is love. Therefore, we are to love.

What does God do? God creates. He creates good things that express His love for the world. Therefore, the second part of our purpose is to create. Each and every one of us is a creative being. We are to create good things that express love to the world.

“But I can’t paint or write or sing or dance or draw or build! I couldn’t build a car out of Lego blocks to save my life! I’m not creative!”

If that’s what you’re thinking, I have good news for you today. The concept of creativity goes far beyond one’s ability in the visual or performing arts.

**You can create a positive atmosphere in your home or outside it by speaking positive words.

**You can create a better day for someone by encouraging them and smiling at them.

**You can create a more productive environment at work by guiding others to seek solutions to problems.

**You can create a love of learning in a child by being there for them, and sharing your knowledge and wisdom in engaging and interesting ways.

**You can create a better life for an orphan on the other side of the world by giving. Because creativity is often a cooperative endeavor.

**You can create a stronger sense of community in your neighborhood by regularly inviting your neighbors to cook-outs, picnics, and other kinds of get-togethers.

**You can create a healthy meal for your family.

There are an infinite number of ways you can create, each and every day. You may not be able to carry a tune in a bucket or to paint a wall without making it look like a two-year-old ravaged the paint can, but you still carry within you a vast potential to create…something.

What is your purpose? Your purpose is to love, and out of that love create good things. If you’re not sure what those “good things” are supposed to be – BAM! You’ve hit upon the next area of confusion many believers have about their lives: calling. I’ll talk about that in the next post.

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