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To Dictate, Or Not To Dictate?

In this post, I discussed my discovery that I can write more words per minute if I refrain from editing as I type. I also revealed the result of a dictation experience, that I can compose a section of a book much faster if I talk it out, instead of writing it out.

So, I went through the tutorials on my computer to train it to my voice. And I tested it. The result was either laughable or horribly disappointing, depending on your perspective.

The computer got so many words wrong, that if I were to talk for an hour and then go back to edit what it transcribes, I wouldn’t be able to figure out what I was trying to say.

I could remedy this by spending hours in front of my computer, dictating a few words at a time and then dictating a correction every time it made a mistake. But I’m not sure that would be worth my time.

I heard that the speech recognition software on a computer comes from Dragon Naturally Speaking, the most popular dictation software. But maybe the software that they sell works better?

Nope. My husband looked it up, and Dragon seems to make the same percentage of errors.

I’m going to stick to not editing while I type.

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