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There Really IS A First Time For Everything!

Like you, I’ve heard all my life that there’s a first time for everything. What is difficult to infer from that statement, but which seems to be the case more often than not, is that this “everything” is often something you haven’t thought about before.

For example, I never in my life thought I’d get an e-mail from a blind person. Especially, a blind person who is a fan of my books.

But, that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday. It’s not that I’d never thought about blind people purchasing digital books. I actually have contemplated that off and on, because I myself “read” Kindle books using the Text-To-Speech feature because my eyes get tired quickly from reading. I’d just never thought about a person without sight consuming one of my books – and e-mailing me on top of it!

I wanted to share a bit of what her e-mail was about because she gave me some interesting information. She recently signed up to my e-mail list, and when you do, some of the e-mails you receive from me are follow-ups. These e-mails are automated; I set them up once and they get sent out to subscribers after so many days in a certain order.

One of the e-mails explains the horrible, rampant Internet book piracy, of which I have become a victim. This is why I’m no longer going to sell print books, so that if I ever see someone trying to sell a print title of one of my digital-only books, I will be able to tell Amazon in no uncertain terms that the seller has pirated my work.

Anyway, my new fan – I’ll call her Anne in case she’d like to remain anonymous – replied to that e-mail to tell me about the BookShare website. This is a low-cost subscription site that legally provides books for blind people, as well as others who have trouble reading text such as dyslexics, people with cerebral palsy, etc.  That is, they get permission from publishers to provide certain books in a format that such people can access – audiobooks, Braille, etc.

Unfortunately, Anne told me, many Christian book publishers don’t allow their books to be put on the site. Anne has gone on to read His Second Chance, and thanked me for providing books on Kindle that aren’t full of “evil and filth.”

You’re welcome, Anne. And thank you for enlarging my world a little bit more by helping me to remember that people of all kinds consume books.

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