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The Only Thing That Fills The Void

Question on Quora:

How do I stop depending on others for fulfillment when it feels like the only thing that can fill the void?

My answer:

At the risk of being downvoted, I’m going to stick my neck out.

The only thing that can fill the void your feeling is a relationship with your Creator. God. Start seeking. Pray. Ask for God to reveal Himself to you. Once you feel that connection, you’ll feel you have a sense of purpose. That purpose will be to love others and to create good things that help others (I’m not talking about singing on a stage or becoming the next Picasso, but things as simple as creating a better day for somebody by smiling or by handing out encouragement and kindness).

When you have God’s love in your heart, such things will become natural, and you’ll experience true fulfillment.

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