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The One Piece Of Advice EVERYONE Needs…Whether They Agree With It Or Not!

Question on Quora:

If you could give one piece of advice, that you knew would be followed, to a new teenager, what would it be?

My answer:

A2A. And my answer is going to ruffle a lot of feathers, but since it was requested, I’m going to give it regardless.

My one piece of advice: Start developing a relationship with your Creator. Now.

If you already believe in God, great! Develop a vibrant prayer life, including asking every day to be filled with and guided by God’s spirit.

Otherwise, just say, “Okay, God, this crazy woman on Quora says you’re real and that I should somehow get into a relationship with you. I’m going to go ahead and start praying every day, but I sure wish you’d show me that You’re real.”

If you have faith no bigger than a mustard seed, God will answer that prayer. I don’t know how or when, but He will. He loves you; more than that, likes you, and wants you to know that He is on your side and wants to help you to live the best life you can.

Every morning, ask God to fill you with His Spirit and to guide you throughout the day. Several times a day, talk to Him. Thank Him for something good that happened. Ask for wisdom about every life-impacting decision. Tell Him off when you’re mad. He won’t get mad back, I promise. 😉 Ask Him for things that you need. Pray for other people who need help.

And begin to learn to listen for His quiet voice inside. Sometimes, it’s a thought that pops into your head that you know isn’t yours, that sounds like it’s coming from a loving father. Sometimes, it’s a gut feeling, a strong inner knowing, about something (or somebody). Sometimes, it’s a growing conviction over time; that is, you more and more strongly believe that a certain direction is the right way for you to go. Sometimes, it’s something somebody says to you, or something you read, and it clicks with you deep down inside.

Don’t force hearing God. If it happens, it happens. Just keep your spirit in tune as much as you can.

Why is this my single piece of advice? Because when you have a relationship with the Creator of the universe, you have access to all His knowledge and wisdom.

It doesn’t mean that you will never have any troubles. It doesn’t mean that God will tell you the future. Your faith will be built by the hard things in life. But it will mean that you will have God leading and guiding you. This can keep you from doing things that might cause you heartbreak or trouble down the line. And it will help you discover changes you need to make in your life. Your future path will be clearer.

Finally, when you accept God into your life and work on building a relationship with Him, it’s a lot easier to love the unlovable, and to struggle through and over obstacles because you have His strength and peace.

All the best to you. 🙂


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