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That’s One Way To Drum Up More Airline Business

QUICK! What’s the first word you think of when I say, “airplane pre-flight safety presentation”? I’ll bet the word starts with a B and rhymes with “snoring.”

I haven’t flown a lot – say, an average of once a year since my early twenties – but when I have I’ve always tried to be a good girl and pay attention to the pre-flight safety presentation given by the flight attendants.

Most everyone else ignores them. The normal people, I guess. Or the people who travel twenty-five times in a year, rather than over their lifetime.

Turns out that certain airlines (or flight attendants, anyway) finally decided to take action to get people to pay attention to their spiel. Southwest Airlines, in particular, actually encourages a “fun-loving attitude” among their employees.

How did I find this out? The other day, B had just opened Internet Explorer. There on the MSN homepage was a photo of a red jet. He likes red and he likes jets, so he called me over to find out what it was about. I clicked on the headline, and an article opened.

It wasn’t about what he thought it would be about – red jets. Instead, it was an article in which was embedded the following video. Actually, the video in the actual article is twice as long as the one below; click here and scroll down the page to watch the whole video. I don’t know why the one on YouTube was cut short. (BTW, Chrome won’t open the above link. Apparently Google doesn’t like MSN. Use Internet Explorer or some other browser.)

Word of warning: if you are an old-fashioned religious woman who has never let your DH see you na*ked and who has no clue how you get pregnant, this video may shock you.

Turns out this flight attendant works for Southwest Airlines.

The next video also shows a flight attendant who works for SWA. However, this one is doing the talking. She apparently got so bored with saying the same old thing that she decided to spice the script up a bit.

Having trouble understanding her thick west Texas accent? The next video is the same, only with captions.

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After downloading the novel, type “hilarious safety check on airplane” into YouTube’s search box for more pre-flight fun!

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