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“Pine Mountain Dreams,” FINISHED!!

I’m so excited! I finished the third book in my “Pine Mountain Estates” series, Pine Mountain Dreams!


Now comes the fun part: revising and proofreading. I’m actually going to start that process on the second novel in the series after I take a break for a couple of days. While I do that, I’m going to create a rough outline of the fourth (and final, unless readers beg for more) book in the series.

I always set aside a newly-completed novel for three weeks before I go back and do the first revision. That way, I can look at it much more objectively and make a lot better decisions about whether any big changes need to be made.

But for now, I’m going to relax for a few days. Play with Amazon Advertising and see if I can sell my vegetable gardening book that way (because it’s the right time of year).

And I need to finish the cover for the first novel in the Pine Mountain series. It’s been a struggle, because it’s also the right time of year for our wireless Internet to go all glitchy.

It doesn’t like spring as much as we do.

I’m having a hot flash now, so excuse me while I go cool off.

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