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Perimenopausal Dream Interpretation

Having had vivid dreams – sometimes two or more per night – every night for about the past twenty years, I am interested in dream interpretation. I’ve come to believe that some of them come straight from the Throne Room of Heaven. When I wake up, I just know. And usually after some prayer, I get the interpretation without having to go to some dream site online and look up symbols.

See, and that’s the problem right there. Some items and people that show up in your dream are random and really have no meaning. The things that do have meaning, well, what they mean depends a lot on what you’re going through in life right now as well as your past experiences. Dreaming of being in an elevator going up might indeed mean that you’re feeling successful, but if you’ve had to ride elevators several times a day for the past week to visit a loved one in the hospital, it could mean something completely different.

With that in mind, I would like to propose what different symbols or concepts in dreams might mean for a perimenopausal woman. I’m totally making the following up, but hey, if the shoe fits…

If a woman in perimenopause dreams that…

…she can’t move her legs when trying to run away, it means she’s having night sweats and the blankets are stuck to her legs.

…a car is chasing her, it means she’s dragging through her day and having trouble keeping up with the daily grind.

…she fails a gymnastics test in high school P.E., it means she better not try to pick up anything glass the entire next day.

…someone’s hitting her over the head with a sledgehammer, it means she has a hormonal migraine coming on.

…she can’t sleep, it probably means she’s actually not dreaming and is lying wide awake, pretending she is dreaming so as to psyche her body out so that she won’t feel completely exhausted in the morning.

Which won’t work, by the way. In case you’re tempted to try it.

…she’s overeating to the point of severe discomfort, she’s going to wake up with acid reflux. Even though her last meal was ten hours ago.

…she’s eating a chocolate cake and chocolate candy bars with gusto, she probably needs to take a magnesium supplement.

…she’s carrying a piano around, she’s going to wake up with hormonally-induced sore joints.

…her face is covered with acne, well, when she wakes up she might not want to look in the mirror.

…a tire is sitting on top of her belly, well, what I said in the last one.

…someone she loves is having a heart attack, she’s going to have heart palpitations later that day.

…she has to go “number two” and can’t find a bathroom, she better be ready to run when she wakes up!

…she’s passionately kissing or making love to someone, her estrogen is up for the first time in three months and she better tell her husband now before her body goes back into s*exual hibernation!

This is only a partial list of how to interpret dreams during perimenopause. I could go on, but then I would fall into “bad taste” land and lose some of my readers’ favor. You’ll understand if you know all about the wide (and wild!) range of perimenopausal symptoms.

Sweet dreams!

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