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“Texas Hearts” Series

What if you couldn’t let yourself fall in love, for fear that you might accidentally destroy that person’s life? And what if, when you finally opened your heart, you learned that the one you loved was running away from the exact call of God that you were running toward?

Sheila is determined to follow the call of God on her life. But in her heart of hearts, what she most wants is peace about a tragic situation that tore her family apart several years ago.

Then Hank shows up as the new teacher at the school where Sheila works. They are an unlikely match…until one of Sheila’s students disappears without a trace. When Hank volunteers to help to find her, the two become fast friends – and eventually, more.

But when Hank discovers that Sheila is hearing the very same call that Hank has rejected, he pulls away. But a mysterious envelope that Hank has forgotten about turns out to be an intricate and shocking connection between both their tragic paths. Will this connection be enough to bring them back together?

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What if the death of your boss led you to the life you thought you would only ever dream of…and hidden dangers that could put your own life at risk?

Rosa Manriquez is as tough as nails…or, has had to be. When somebody murders Rosa’s boss, she is finally free from the dark lifestyle that has had her in bondage for the past decade. At her new job, however, she must struggle with her strong feelings for her new boss, George. She can never live up to the expectations of a man of God such as he is.

But neither can ignore the chemistry between them.

To make life more complicated, Rosa ends up entangled with the search for the murderer of her ex-boss – and both she and George are shocked when they discover the person has been right under their noses.

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Wow, if I tell you what the novel Going Home is about, I’ll totally be spoiling Guns And Rosa for you! Aw, what the heck – you’re going to find out when you get to the product page.

The stars of the first two books in Emily Josephine’s “Texas Hearts” series meet in this third book, in the most unlikely of places – the bush of Zimbabwe.

Rosa and George honeymoon in his home country, and there she can no longer hide the secret that she has kept from him for fear that he would not want her once he found it out.

Her heart breaking at his angry reaction, she flees from the village where their friends act as missionaries. At the same time, her nephew, Nashe, a city boy who knows nothing about survival in the bush, has gotten lost outside the village.

When George realizes that he has caused his new wife to run away, he begins to fear for her life. Will he and his new friends find Rosa and Nashe before the dangers of the bush do?

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What if the man who loved you more than his own life reminded you of the man who stole your innocence and forced you into a life of debauchery?

When the young Mexican lady named Antonia goes to work at the motel where Max is the desk clerk, he loses his heart to her from day one. Problem is, she cannot stand the sight of white men.

Then one day, several years after Antonia has been working there, he takes a bullet for her – and she is forced to face her prejudices. At a wedding reception, she accepts Max’s invitation to dance. It could be the beginning of the relationship Max has always dreamed of. But when he discovers the secrets from her past, will his feelings change?

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What if the only thing you dream about, your deepest desire, is nearly impossible to achieve…or only possible if you dare to break down the walls you’ve built up around your heart to protect it from pain?

Though Miguel is not actively looking for a mother for his eight-year-old daughter, he is also not against the idea. When he finds himself attracted to a woman who rejects faith in God as strongly as he embraces it, he decides he is willing to take on the challenge.

Benita, however, has other plans. She distrusts men, and with good reason. Besides, she has a dream she aims to fulfill, and to get involved with a man would take her off track.

Little does she know that her dream can easily come to fruition, if she would only open her heart to the only One who can heal it…

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