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“Rock Star Husband” Series

This series consists of four  sweet and clean romances with a touch of faith. They are now all available.

NOTICE: The first novel will always be available in all the major online e-book retail stores. However, the remaining three will only be elsewhere other than the Amazon Kindle store until the second week of August, 2020. After that, the individual novels will be available in the Amazon Kindle store ONLY.

The boxed set, however, will be available in all the major online bookstores in perpetuity. Search for it with “Rock Star Husbands Series by Emily Josephine.” Or, click here to check it out in the Amazon Kindle store.

The first novel is Worth The Risk. If you’re one of the handful who purchased my novel Tony’s Rose a couple of years ago, Risk is a complete rewrite of that concept. The first chapter is similar to the first chapter in Rose, but except for the names of most of the characters, the resemblance ends there.

Click here to check it out.

The second novel in the series is Damien’s Violet. Click here to read more about it.

Book 3 in the series, His Precious Treasure, is a romantic suspense novel, and the longest yet. Along with Tony’s Rose, it was originally published as Duncan’s Treasure. The only way it has changed is that Rose’s name became Rachel in the rewrite. Click here to read all about it.

The fourth book in the series is Talia’s Tiger, another romantic suspense novel. Including a cameo appearance by Tony and Rachel Ramirez from the first novel in this series, the story revolves around a minor character from the second book, Damien’s Violet. Tiger, the keyboardist in the band for which Damien is the lead singer, is instantly enthralled and enchanted by a beautiful woman he sees on a DVD, signing a worship song. Talia, said sign language interpreter, is less than enthralled at her first meeting with Tiger. Not trusting men at all, the focus of her life is to protect her little brother, Marcos.

But Tiger happens to be at the right place at the right time when Talia believes Marcos’ life might be under threat. When the two are thrown together, sparks are bound to fly.

Click here to read more about it and to purchase your copy.

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