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“Pine Mountain Estates” Series

NOTE: This series has not yet been released! I will be releasing it mid-summer, 2019.

What if the one secret you were holding was the one thing holding you back from a life of complete freedom?

In Book 1 of the “Pine Mountain Estates” series, Arianna, a sixteen-year-old from Uganda, is on the run. Who and what she is running from, she doesn’t want to tell. She’s learned, over the past eight years, not to trust Americans. But when an injury forces her onto the mercy of Allison Whitlock, who finds Arianna in her shed one cold, southeast Oklahoma winter morning, she begins to see that some people are worth her trust.

Allie has her own secret, a secret that is slowly eating away at her conscience. What the authorities believe about the car accident that killed her husband and one of her sons five years ago may not be the complete truth. But the one person who knows the truth, her older son Jared, ran away four and a half years ago and has not been heard from since.

The secret begins to burn even hotter when Jeb Mitchell, the man accused of causing the accident, returns from his time in prison and shows up at Allie’s door.

A girl and a woman, each holding tightly to a secret that binds them. Forgiveness and trust are the first steps toward freedom, but they need a miracle to push them all the way.


Book 2 in the series is about:

  • An angry fourteen-year-old boy…and his mother who struggles to keep him from getting into trouble.
  • A freelance writer whose ex-husband has made her distrust most men.
  • The ex-husband, who wants nothing more than for his former wife to forgive him.

Liz Richardson, a divorced women in her late thirties, feels God drawing her to help single mother of three, Leslie Pierce. If that’s not enough to complicate her life, her ex-husband of eight years shows up out of nowhere, wanting to buy the property next to hers.

At first, Peter Tanner is willing to give up his desire for the property if he could only get Liz’s forgiveness. A changed man, he now knows what a monster he was during their short marriage.

But the more he encounters Liz, the more he realizes that he still loves her. And he begins to hope for a second chance with her.

For her part, Liz is wondering if she’ll have to move to avoid seeing Peter on a regular basis. But when Leslie’s son Ryan gets in over his head with his new “friends” and Peter ends up rescuing him, she begins to wonder whether her bitter feelings toward her ex-husband are justified for this man who seems to exude compassion.

All of them must learn about the importance of giving and receiving grace if they are to move forward in their lives.


Book 3 in the series begins with:

  • A heart-wrenching nightmare.
  • A frustrating recurring dream.
  • A dim hope that seems impossible…

Jen has avoided romantic relationships for twenty years, knowing that getting into one would be a constant reminder of her shattered dreams.

Tommy is Jen’s secret admirer…but the ghosts from his past tell him he could never be good enough for her.

But when an incident at the Phoenix business conference where Jen is teaching drives them together, they soon become entangled in a journey full of mystery and suspense as Jen realizes she’s being stalked.

The harassment continues and escalates once they are back at their respective homes in southeast Oklahoma.

In the meantime, Arianna, one of Tommy’s neighbors and a former child slave, nurtures her own dream of one day being able to find her lost brother again. She’d been forced to leave him behind when she was kidnapped from the Ugandan orphanage where they’d been living nine years ago.

When she decides to do her part to find him, she inadvertently finds more than she bargained for: the key to help her friends realize their own dreams.

Romance and suspense weave this faith-filled story together, bringing the characters ever closer to solving the mysteries of their pasts…and possibly, to experiencing impossible dreams coming true.