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“Little River Village Christmas” Series

The “Little River Village Christmas” series will eventually be a four-book series consisting of Christian Christmas romance novels. At the moment, the first two books, Christmas Mercies and Christmas Again are available. The first novel is FREE, and available at every major online book retailer.

Book 1: Christmas Mercies

book cover image for the Christian romance novel, christmas mercies

A music teacher determined never to celebrate Christmas again…

…the ninety-year-old woman weighed down with guilt and remorse…

…and the man who wants nothing more than to bring the light of the holiday back into both hearts…

I wrote this novel to address the issue of loss and grief during the holiday season. It’s sure to warm your heart, and if you’ve experienced a loss during the holiday season that has made celebrating it difficult, I hope and pray that it will help bring you healing.

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In the other bookstores, search for the book using the phrase “Christmas Mercies by Emily Josephine.”

Book 2: Christmas Again

One man rejected her for what he thought were valiant reasons at the time…

…a second man ruined her life with his own fears…

…can either of them have any hope with her again, after all these pain-filled  years?

I wrote this story out of my own struggle with whether Christmas is based in paganism, and therefore a holiday to be shunned by all Christians. While the story addresses this controversy, it also touches on the delicate circumstance of getting cancer early in life, and the repercussions that can follow.

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