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“Choices And Chances” Series

Most of the novels in my “Choices And Chances” series would come under the category of sweet, clean romantic suspense with a little bit of God thrown in. I wrote with an eye toward helping people to live happier, healthier lives, which some readers have found offensive in regards to the first book in the series, His Second Chance. One reviewer said she felt like she was being brainwashed. Another accused me of advertising Whole Foods Market.

So, fair warning: if you want to read purely for escape, and not to learn things like how to eat healthier or find financial freedom, this series may not be for you.

However, the last book in the series, The Better Choice, is more overtly a Christian novel, a straight romance rather than romantic suspense as the other books in the series are. There is also no lifestyle message behind it, and it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Cynthia’s daughter falls so ill after eating the school lunch that she ends up in the hospital. She’s not the first student that this happens to, sending Cynthia on a mission to uncover the root cause. A handsome man named Preston enters her life and offers his services during the ordeal. But when she discovers his line of work, “conflict of interest” becomes a heartbreaking understatement.

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The second book in the series stars a teacher named Erin and her apartment complex neighbor, Rodney. Both the main plot and the subplot, starring characters you come to know in love in the first book in the series, offer alternatives to achieving financial freedom, even early financial independence. Here’s the blurb:

Paul Court is everything Erin Halley wants in a man. So she thinks as she partners with him to start her first home-based business. At the very least, she knows that he is going to help her to be able to quit her teaching job in less than a year.

Rodney Lofton has been quietly watching Erin for the past year and a half, and when he finally meets her, knows that God has finally brought him his soulmate. But Erin has eyes only for Paul…and her promised growing bank account.

When things turn out to be very different than they had seemed, Erin’s disillusionment and heartbreak threaten even the burgeoning friendship that has sparked between her and Rodney. All Rodney can do is sit by and hope that he can be there to help her pick up the pieces. But will Erin ever be able to trust a man with her heart again?

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The third book illustrates an alternative to the harried rat race lives that most modern people endure.

Beth Hanlon is running out of time. If she doesn’t get to the Tulsa airport before the winter storm hits, she will be trapped.

And probably found.

Matthew Anderson lives a quiet life on his parents’ rural property. Against his better judgment, he invites her to stay at his parents’ home.

Then winter shows up in all its fury. And only a miracle can save her, and restore Matthew’s heart.

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Pain and heartbreak linger in Rene’s soul even as she escapes to the Ozark mountains. She is as determined to remain single as she is to stay away from New York, where gut-stabbing memories lie.

Then Kirk comes along. Handsome, confident, and strong, he immediately catches Renee’s attention – much to her dismay.

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