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My Novels

Texas Hearts

My “Texas Hearts” series, consisting of five Christian romance novels, takes place in the late 1990s. The novels bring a mix of romance, suspense, and heartwarming emotion as the characters struggle to live out their faith.

Click here to read more about the novels in this series.

Choices And Chances

Three of the four novels in my “Choices And Chances” series would come under the category of sweet, clean romantic suspense with a little bit of God thrown in. The fourth one is straight-on sweet romance with more God than the others. Click here to read more about the novels in this series.

Pine Mountain Estates

This series is a mix of Christian women’s fiction and Christian romance, including romantic suspense. The home base of the series is southeast Oklahoma, and the characters vary widely in age and backgrounds. Right now, it’s four books long, but in the future I will be adding to the series. Click here to learn more about it.

Rock Star Husbands

My “Rock Star Husbands” series began as a catharsis. Once upon a time, I thought I’d end up (and like) marrying a musician. Which is insane, considering the fact that my first boyfriend was a musician, and he was the stereotypical mess. 

Still, something in me wanted to explore the possibilities of hooking up not only with a musician, but a famous one. I think deep down inside, I wanted to convince myself that spending my life with a geek was the much less stressful choice, lol. 😉

My geek, by the way, is a “rock star husband.” I love him beyond words and can’t imagine life without him.

Anyway, thus the series, four faith-based romance novels, was born. Click here to read more about it.

Little River Village Christmas

This is a Christian holiday romance novel series consisting of four books. Click here to read more about the series. 

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