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My Latest Publications, Plus Update On My Latest Work In Progress

Hey, wonderful readers! See over in the sidebar that book cover image with the title “Revenge”? Well, that’s the first in a collection of six short stories that I published to the Kindle store about a month ago.

The title of the collection is Surprise Shorts, Volume 1: Six Short Stories With Eyebrow-Raising, Smile-Provoking Twists.

The cost is almost half that of purchasing each story separately (“Revenge” is free, by the way. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, click here and see if you’d like more stories like that. Or the two-novel series it is a prequel of.)

Speaking of purchasing each story separately, if you’d rather pick and choose the stories rather than buy all six in a collection, I have published two more individual short stories. The first is “Gone”.

The second is “Fate.”

Click on the images above to get to the respective product pages on Amazon. Each individual story from the collection is $0.99.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

My latest novel-in-progress

Do you enjoy contemporary women’s fiction? If so, you’d probably like to know that I have begun a series in that genre entitled “Pine Mountain Estates.” It will contain three or four volumes and I have completed the first one in the series.

Oops. Or…not.

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I had. Even went through the first proofreading. Then, after taking about a three-week break from novel writing, I started in on the second book in the series.

No, that shouldn’t be the first chapter. I should start the story with this other character’s point of view, earlier in the day.

No, that’s not working, either.

Frustrated, I just stopped. My muse obviously needed some more time on this one.

Or…not. The next day, I started wondering if a particular character in the first novel should have his own point of view and show up earlier in the story. In the original manuscript, he doesn’t show up until quite late and has no point of view. But he turns out to be quite pivotal, and it started to feel wrong not to give him more prominence in the novel.

I thought about a while. No, the novel is fine the way it is. But the idea that the novel needed to be longer via adding a few more chapters from this character’s point of view persisted.

After a few days of this back-and-forth in my head about it, I realized that this is why my muse wouldn’t let me start the second book. Because I wasn’t finished with the first one.

As soon as I started writing a chapter with said character’s point of view, all conflict vanished. It felt right. So, ladies and gentlemen, I am currently revising Pine Mountain Secrets. I believe once I do, getting the second book in the series will be much easier.

Interested in reading it? Have patience. It will probably be at least the end of the year before I publish it. I want to have at least the second, if not the third, novel in the series completed before I publish the first one.

At any rate, there you go. You have officially been updated.

NEW UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER, 2018: I’m not called to write novels. Maybe will publish the first of what was supposed to have been a series, maybe not. Will have to pray about it.

Now you are free to check out my short story collection. Thanks!

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