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Literally Totally Tired Of The Epic Issue of Overusing Certain Organic Words, Dude!

Dude, this is going to be a totally epic post! I mean, literally. As I write, I am going to face the issue of the overuse of certain words by organically incorporating them into a cohesive and totally understandable article.

Actually, if you think about it, dude, a lot of these totally overused words are also literally MISused, as well. That’s become an epic organic problem among the grammatically elite, because they are literally gagging over the totally ridiculous ways some dudes are using vocabulary.

It’s totally not the issue of the younger generation changing the organic meaning of a word. Dude, it’s an epic example of complete disregard for the English language, which is so totally sad.

Another issue with the organic misuse of a word is that it totally makes every kid, no matter where they live, sound like a California surfer. Not that this is literally a problem, but, dude, it can get totally annoying.

What can we do to resolve this issue? Obviously, it’s going to require an epic attempt on the part of those who are still literally literate in English. But I’m not sure it can be dealt with organically. Maybe the issue requires an epic overhaul of the Internet culture. Because that’s totally where you hear most of the literal abuse of the language is happening. I mean, literally.

And while my goal was to literally make this a 500-word epic post, I totally can’t continue on in this vein without starting to literally repeat myself. Dude, I’ve got issues!

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