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It’s Been A Week.

It’s been a week. A week of frustration. A week of decisions. A week of perimenopause.

In other words, a typical week for me these past few years.

Seriously, I haven’t blogged for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been trying to sort out what to do with my blogs now that I’ve made the decision to be a career novelist. Especially since I’ve been frustrated with the novel that I’m writing.

SO…let’s start with the decisions first.

Decisions made this past week

#1. I’m laying down my blog at liveyourdreamswithemily.com. If I try to keep it updated and write novels, I’m going to go insane.

#2. This blog is going to become…wait for it, wait for it…a blog. My author blog. In other words, I’m usually not going share family stories. Not because I don’t want to, but because I simply don’t have time if I’m going to work on novels.

I need to prioritize.

If not every day, then several days a week I’m going to try to publish a short post summarizing my day as a writer.

#3. I’m going to write 2400 words a day on my novel. Provided I don’t have a frustrating day or three – like the ones you will hear about shortly. This is not the most I’ve ever written every day, but it will be the most I’ve written daily in four or five years.

#4: I’m going to write mostly short-ish novels, between fifty and sixty thousand words. Much longer, and I start to hate them. Like the one I’m working on now.

#5. I’m going to start writing more feel-good, lighter, humorous stories. Because I’m perimenopausal and I need all the levity I can get.


#1. This blog wouldn’t work for two days.

#2. My novel wouldn’t work for three or four days. I got to a certain point, and wrote three different scenes to continue after that point.

Ended up chucking them all.

Know why? Because I was trying to stick to my outline, while my muse (okay, we’re mostly Christians here, so I’ll say, the Holy Spirit) was leading me to go in a different direction.

I know where to go from here, so I’m finally looking forward to writing the rest of it, for the first time in days.

#3. I did a particular promo with My Book Cave that requires me to keep The Envelope priced at free until August 1. I’d been planning to price it at $2.99 and see how sales went with it, because its ranking is pretty good right now.


TMI coming for you men in my audience.

Looks like I’m skipping a period again. Hopefully, I’ll skip several like I did last July through September.

But because of that, my estrogen levels are whacking out, and hot flashes are back, brain blips are back, moodiness, digestive issues…*SIGH.*

The moodiness has done nothing to help me feel good about the novel I’m writing.

The good news

Last month, I scheduled a promo for The Envelope with, as I mentioned, My Book Cave. I got more downloads with it than I did the first time I promoted through them. Then, for some reason (God?), FreeBooksy decided that since I’ve been a past customer they’d do a pro-bono promo for me. It was just one day, but I noticed the boost.

Finally, I did a featured promo with Robin Reads this past Sunday.

Because of the momentum I’d received from the other two promos, the RR promo brought me into first place in three categories! Not for more than a day or two, but still!!

I continue to get a crazy number of downloads for the novel every day, and have sold more of my other novels and boxed sets than I usually have by this time of the month.

I am thrilled. And planning to either do more book promos, more often, or to start advertising on Amazon.

Because I’m finally getting serious about making serious sales.

Stay tuned for the upcoming reveal of the cover for the first novel in my “Pine Mountain Estates” series.

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