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I’m So TIRED Of The Liberal Double Standard!

Inasmuch as possible, I avoid participating in the male double standard that has been ruling Western culture for hundreds of years. I’ll start wearing makeup and shaving my legs and armpits the day that men are required to do so in order to be considered attractive and sexy.

No, I won’t. If that ever occurred, I would realize that the brainwashing of society had gone so deep, I’d need to disappear from it.

“Brainwashing.” Hmm. An incendiary word, don’t you think? Goes right along with “indoctrination,” which leads me to another double standard I’ve only become aware of during the past few years (probably because I quit watching mainstream media news eons ago).

I’m referring to the liberal double standard. If a person who holds to “conservative” beliefs and values, and they have children whom they teach those beliefs and values, they are brainwashing, or indoctrinating, their children.

Children who are taught that the Yeshua is the Son of God, and to follow His teachings, have been brainwashed.

Children who are taught that abortion, conjugal relations between people of the same gender, and pre-marital sex are wrong have been indoctrinated.

You rarely hear the words “brainwashed” and “indoctrinated” going the other way. They are almost always slurs from the mouths of liberals against conservative Christians.

Everyone “brainwashes” their children.

There is no such thing as a parent who doesn’t pass down their values to their children. Even the pathetically misguided parents who let their children roam completely free and never teach them safety, personal hygiene, or appropriate treatment of others are passing down their belief that children should be allowed to have absolute freedom.

A liberal parent who teaches their children that all paths lead to God, is indoctrinating them.

A liberal parent who teaches their children that animal rights are more important that human rights is brainwashing them.

A liberal parent who puts their teenage daughter on The Pill and gives a pack of condoms to their teenage son and tells them to go have fun, that sexual pleasure is their right, is brainwashing them.

I’ve brainwashed my son to believe that eating a whole-foods diet low in animal foods will help him be much healthier in the long run than otherwise. I’ve indoctrinated him with the belief that rinsing his mouth out with water every time he eats will reduce his risk of getting cavities.

Many parents “brainwash” their children into believing that attending school is good for them. I have “indoctrinated” my son to believe just the opposite.

And it’s not just parents

Politicians typically have an agenda they want to shove onto the public. When a person is frequently in the public eye harping on the same topic, saying thus-and-such is normal/natural/should be legal, how is that not an attempt to brainwash?

“No, no, no, Emily. That’s persuasion.”

Sure, it’s persuasion. If it’s a liberal politician doing the talking. But if it’s a conservative, nuh-uh. They’re trying to brainwash. Attempting to indoctrinate.

Knock it off, people!

You have the freedom to believe whatever you want. And, if you have children, to pass on your beliefs to them. Whether you consider yourself liberal or conservative.

Your neighbors have the same freedom…regardless of their political or religious bent.

So, unless we’re talking about a legit cult leader who’s ultimate goal is to get a bunch of followers to drink poisoned Kool-Aid, let’s stop accusing each other of “brainwashing” and “indoctrinating.” It’s that utter disrespect of each other that’s tearing the nation of the United States apart. Once that happens, good-bye democracy, and hello dictatorship! Or maybe, hello, communism!

I recently watched a video by comedian John Crist that points out just how horrifically intolerant Americans on both sides of the political spectrum has become. Here it is; watch it, and let it inspire you.

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