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I Did It.

I did it. I finally did it.

Guess what I did. Give up?

Here’s a hint: it’s something that women my age typically have a hard time doing. It’s worse than trying to pull a camel through the eye of a needle. It’s like…it’s like…trying to pass off a Sumo wrestler as an anorexic.

(As a former anorexic, I’m allowed to make that joke. For all you P.C. readers out there.)

So, have you guessed the hard thing that I did yet? No?

All right, here it is:

I stuck to a decision.

I haven’t had any problems making a decision during the past few years. I’ve made plenty.

Like these:

I’m going to delete my YouTube channel. I’m going to get serious with my YouTube channel. I’m going to write four novels a year. I’m never going to write another novel again in my life. I’m going to write and record my own music. What? Who am I kidding?

But a couple of weeks ago, I made a decision and stuck to it. Wait for it…

The decision

I’m going to be a novelist.

“Uh, yeah, Emily, newsflash, you have nine novels for sale in the Kindle store.”

See, that’s the thing. Writing a few novels doesn’t make you a novelist. Just like having a few yard sales doesn’t make you a business guru.

Deciding that you’re going to create a career out of writing novels is what makes you a novelist.

Seeing novel-writing as a business is what makes you a novelist.

I mean, makes me a novelist. Unless you have a novel-writing career, and then, well, it’s you, too. Let’s start a club!


You will notice that I’ve made a few changes to this blog, a couple of them only in the past couple of days. The obvious one is the header. A professional author must have a professional-looking website, yes?

Then there is the sign-up form in the sidebar.

It’s not the first time I’ve ever had a sign-up form on a blog. Not the first time I’ve tried to build an e-mail list. But it is the first time I have no doubts that this time, I’m going to stick with it. I’m going to build an e-mail list of stark-raving-mad fans of my fiction.

Because everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY with any clout in the arena of selling books – including many Indie-published authors like myself – says that an e-mail list is the number one marketing tool that an author must have.

Other changes? I wrote an “About” page and published a “Contact” page. (PSST! I can practically guarantee that my About page is much more entertaining than the About page of any other author. So go read it!)

Just like a modern novelist should have on their website.

I want to publicly thank Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells of the “Writing Excuses” podcast, as well as Jim Rubart and Thomas Umstattd, Jr. of the “Novel Marketing” podcast for inadvertently giving me the kick in the rear that I needed to start getting serious about God’s call on my life.

And for facilitating a great miracle: a woman in perimenopause actually made a decision, and stuck to it!

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