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How To Help Me Launch My New Novel Series

The following is a modified copy of an e-mail I sent out at the beginning of June, 2019. It explains the protocol for helping me launch my new series, “Pine Mountain Estates”, if that’s something you’d like to do.

I’m writing to let you know that
after a lot of thought and prayer,
I’ve finally decided how to go
about launching my “Pine Mountain
Estates” series.

If you’ve enjoyed my other novels
and would like to help me get the
word out about this new series,
first of all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU,
THANK YOU! Your interest and support
mean more to me than I can express.

Second of all, keep reading, as I’m
about to lay out the plan for the
series release, as well as tell you
how you can help support me in this

Starting with the first book,
over the next couple of
months I’m going to release one
book every two weeks. The first
book, Pine Mountain Secrets, I have
set up as a permafree book.

For the remaining three books in the
series, I will set up two consecutive
fr*ee days after publishing them to the
Amazon Kindle store.

I’m going to release each of the four
books every two weeks. As each book is
available for fr*ee, I will e-mail
you and let you know the dates. I’ll
e-mail you the day before, and the
day that the free promo starts.


1: Download and read each novel as I make it available for fr*ee.

2: Strongly consider leaving a positive review for each and every novel,
as soon as you finish reading it.

Note that I am NOT giving you a fr*ee
book in exchange for a review, and if
you write in the review that I did,
Amazon might delete your review!

Anyone who comes upon any of the novels
during the fr*ee promo days can
download them, without any obligation
to leave a review. I am simply
informing you that in order to help
my series succeed, I need as many
reviews as possible before I officially
launch it, wink wink.

3: This is going to sound counterintuitive, BUT…

Please do NOT tell
your online social networks about
the novels or the series during the
pre-launch period when only the
members of my e-mail list are privvy
to the fr*ee promo dates.

The reason is: the more
a book is downloaded within a
short span of time, the higher the book
will rank in the Kindle store, and
therefore the more visible it
will become to book browsers, both
in the short and long term.

This is why authors prefer to tell
the whole world about their book
on one day, rather than spreading the
initial sales out over many days, weeks
or months.

So for now, please quietly enjoy
the novels. After I have enough
reviews on the first and second
books to do the formal launch
(10-20 per book), I will set a date
for the launch and inform you of the date.

Right before and the day of the official
launch, I will ask that, if you care
to, you share with your online social
networks your enthusiasm for the
series, along with the link to
the first book in the series
(which I will provide in an e-mail).

The first book in the series, Pine Mountain Secrets, is now available for free. Click here in order to get to its product page on Amazon and download it.

Note that the novel is also available on other online bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo. However, at this point I plan to sell the remaining novels in the series from the Amazon Kindle platform only.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me get this series off the ground! 🙂

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