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How NOT To Slice A Frozen Strawberry (week in the life)

With both the cooler weather and a new novel (writing, not reading) keeping me indoors most of the time these days, my week-in-the-life updates aren’t going to be particularly meaty for the foreseeable future.

That said, there are a few events from the past week I felt worthy of blog publication.

I’ll never slice another frozen strawberry!

We recently went back to ordering some of our groceries from Azure Standard. This is a company based in the northwestern United States which is essentially a health food store on wheels. The pick up nearest us is a bit over an hour away, whereas the nearest Whole Foods Market is almost two and a half hours away.

Bags of frozen strawberries are part of what we buy from them. Grown in a part of Oregon where berries grow like grass grows everywhere else, the strawberries are the absolute most delicious ones you’ll find anywhere.

And some of them grow quite large.

For smoothies, I’ve been cutting the huge ones in half to help out my Vitamix. So I was doing earlier this week with my chef’s knife.

Which desperately needs sharpening.

Yes, you can guess what happened. It slipped off the hard berry and onto my…

It hurt and bled instantly, provoking J to ask if I thought it needed stitches. No, because I cut myself more deeply when I was single, and it healed fine.

But it was bad enough that, four days later, I still have it bandaged, and the cut is still a bit sore when I apply pressure.

From now on, I’ll let the Vitamix blades do their work!

They work like a charm

Two weeks ago, I shared how I’d broken a glass measuring cup, and how I’d planned to replace it with a plastic one.

Well, I actually ended up buying a set of three.

There’s a one-cup, a two-cup, and a four-cup. The really cool thing about them is that they have this built-in thing on the inside that shows the volume of liquid so that you can see how much you’ve put in by looking down into it from the top. Like this:

Neat, huh?

Even the four-cup measure, the one we’re using exclusively because we use it to scoop water from buckets into our stainless steel water bottles, is lighter than the glass one-cup measure I broke. Also, the pour spout works better, and, of course, I’ll never break it.

We wish you a lot of spending…

Remember, those of you over the age of forty, when Sears would send a “Christmas wishbook” to your house every year? I remembering poring over the pages. I definitely wished. I never received anything from that catalog, but boy, did I ever wish.

I thought, with so many people doing most of their non-grocery shopping online these days, Christmas wishbooks, which are catalogs filled with page after page of any toy a kid could ever conceive of, were things of the past. You certainly wouldn’t think that the largest online store in the world, which has become the default store for most people in the civilized world, would feel a need to kill thousands of trees to print their own Christmas wishbook.

Oh, excuse me. Holiday wishbook, because of course we wouldn’t want to offend anyone by implying that a particular holiday actually has roots in religious tradition.

Anyway, you wouldn’t think Amazon would be sending such a catalog in the mail.

Well, guess what J pulled out of our mailbox the other day?

The back of the catalog.
The front.

“God, what took You so long?!”

My final bit of news: I’m finally happy. All day long, every single day.

In the same post where I talked about the broken measuring cup, I mentioned that I’d finally started taking a 5HTP supplement. This is a protein that converts to serotonin, the hormone that, among other things, is required if you want to be in a good mood.

Long story short: I didn’t take it for very long, because it caused my I.B.S. to flare up (and perimenopause has been doing a good enough job with that, thank you very much).

BUT. I knew that there were essential oils whose use increased serotonin production. One of them, geranium, also increases estrogen, which helps to produce serotonin. Another – out of several more possibilities – is lemon.

I started sniffing geranium and lemon oil about ten times a day, six deep sniffs for the one and four for the other every time. I will write an extensive post about this soon. Right now, suffice to say, for the first time in my life, I am consistently happy.

I had no idea this was even possible.

I am hugely grateful for having discovered this simple and inexpensive remedy. At the same time, I’ve been praying for years for an answer to be happy even when experiencing day after day of clouds, or even right before the full moon, or even when my hormones were being whacky.

So, now that I have that answer, I’m throwing another prayer into the atmosphere: “God, what took You so long?!”

P.S. – If you write in the comment section anything about God’s timing being perfect, I might just become unhappy again. And we wouldn’t want that to happen, do we? 😉

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