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Grace For The Weather

Looks like March is, indeed, coming in like a lion this year. A fifty percent chance of snow at the beginning of that month is not normal for southern Oklahoma. Neither are highs in the mid-thirties.

Just writing the words makes me shiver.

And this, after a couple of sunny days (which have been few and far between this winter), with temperatures approaching seventy. I have a YouTube subscriber in Florida who wishes for snow. Well, I’ll trade her our upcoming weather forecast for hers.

This persistently cold winter, not unlike the ones we endured when B was three to seven years old, have really forced me to walk my talk.

In books, videos, and blog posts I have challenged people to persevere through obstacles, to be strong and committed in order to reach their goals. This past winter, I have experienced many days when I wanted to sleep in, and then when I got up, to watch videos or listen to books all day.

In other words, to do nothing productive.

Some days, the root has been hormonal fatigue. But most? The barometric pressure weighing on me like the anchor of a freight ship. I am one of those blessed people who feel every little movement of the atmospheric pressure, more blessed to live in an area where said pressure seems to change at least every other day.

According to Bible scholars, the thorn in the apostle Paul’s side was an eye or vision problem. Weather is the thorn in my side.

Like Paul, I have discovered that God’s grace is sufficient. I may not always have the energy to whip out 300 words every fifteen minutes, and my brain might not pull out the perfect words and plot twists as quickly on those nasty, cloudy days when the north wind is blowing in precipitation.

But if I persist, I have the grace to meet my 2100 words-a-day quota. And write interesting scenes as I do. Even to find time to blog once in a while.

Writing feels like work when I’m sleepy. It feels like work when I’m irritable. But even when the weather’s dragging me down and I don’t feel like doing anything, if I just press through and make myself work, by the end of the day I can revel in the satisfaction of having made significant progress toward my goal.

I feel fulfilled, if not jazzed.

I’m more than halfway through my latest novel, Pine Mountain Dreams. And I’m glad for having learned the lesson that it’s God’s grace that helps me through, not perfect circumstances.

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