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FREE – 3 Short Romances!

Hello, dear reader! Thank you for downloading whichever of my works you downloaded in order to find this page.

The novel or story you downloaded may have stated that I had a free novel available. I am no longer giving it away, as I have decided to eventually publish it.

HOWEVER, instead I have three short and sweet romances for you to enjoy. Years ago, I published them as sequels to my novel, The Envelope. However, each story can stand alone. You don’t need to have read the novel to follow the plots.

If you want to receive instant notifications whenever I publish a new novel, or promote a book for free, sign up in the form on the sidebar. I will not receive your e-mail address when you sign up. Rather, your e-mail address is saved somewhere in the RSS feed software for this blog. When the feed detects that I’ve published a new post, it will send you an e-mail with that post.

Ready for the sweet and clean short romances? Click the link below.


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