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Finally, A Christian Non-Fiction Book That’s Actually Inspiring!

I rarely read modern Christian non-fiction books anymore. The main reason is that the ones coming from the evangelical space seem to all have been written by the same (boring) ghostwriter, and they’re all spouting the same hooey about revival coming, about how my lack of supernatural power is due to my lack of faith and prayer life, how I’m lazy because I’m not banging on all my neighbors’ doors and convincing them to believe the Gospel, how the world would change for the much better overnight if only believers would work their behinds off to become perfect (and most of the above statements aren’t even biblical).

These books go from being a cheerleader one page, to guilt manipulators the next.

Dang, sounds a lot like most church fellowships.

But when the title A Year Of Living Prayerfully showed up in the Fussy Librarian’s e-mail for free books, I was intrigued. Part of it had to do with a book that came out around fifteen years ago entitled The Year Of Living Biblically. I never read it, though I wanted to at the time, but I knew from reviews that the author was a non-practicing Jew who decided to live according to the laws of Deuteronomy for one year.

The idea that someone had done something similar, focusing solely on improving his prayer life, whet my appetite. I clicked on the link and was impressed by both the book blurb and the reviews, several of which talked about how the book was inspirational and life-changing.

I’m about sixty percent into the book as I type these words, and I’m here to tell you that those reviewers are spot-on.

My spiritual life is in the process of going through an overhaul. Though I haven’t been as prayer-less as the other, Jared Brock, I wasn’t thirty percent into the book when the Lord began dealing with me about my wrong priorities. He’s been using the book in conjunction with my forced time of rest and relaxation to bring me back to the life that I really want.

I’ll elaborate on that in a future post.

The book is a memoir of how Jared, and sometimes his wife Michelle, spent a year traveling to different places and meeting different people of various traditions of the Judeo-Christian faith to learn how to connect with God, and how to tighten that connection. He learned valuable lessons from every single place and every single person.

I’ve been learning those lessons vicariously. Been applying them to my own life.

And it’s turning my world upside-down.

Whether, like the author, you haven’t had much of a prayer life; your prayer life has gotten boring; or you feel like you’re missing something in your walk with God, you can benefit from Jared’s inspiring book, A Year of Living Prayerfully. Click here to check it out. It may not be free now, but I assure you, it will be worth whatever price you have to pay.

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