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Emily Josephine’s Latest Publication

Now Available! The Boxed Set For “Rock Star Husbands”


Many young women dream of marrying a rock star. But some…don’t. As is the case with the women who populate the four novels in my “Rock Star Husband” series. The “main man” in each story has to do his best to prove to the woman he wants that not all rock stars are “bad boys,” and that life with a celebrity is nothing to fear.

Romance and suspense mingle with a good dose of humor in this sweat, clean romance series. And when you purchase the boxed set, you save 25% off purchasing the last three novels individually. Click here to read about the individual novels. Click here to purchase the boxed set from Amazon. Click here to purchase the boxed set from Smashwords. 

It’s available at the other major ebook retailers, as well; search for it with “Rock star husbands series by emily josephine” to find it. 



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