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Download Your Free Novel!

Thank you for signing up to my list! Before I go on, would you do me a favor? Please DO NOT share the link to this page with your online friends and acquaintances. I intend for my novel, Redeeming Laura, to be a gift for those who have signed up to my e-mail list.

Thanks for understanding. 🙂

And now, following are the links that will enable you to download the novel in three different formats. Feel free to download any or all of the formats.

PDF: https://emilyjosephinewrites.com/wp-content/uploads/redeeminglaura/redeeminglaura_createspace.pdf

Mobi: https://emilyjosephinewrites.com/wp-content/uploads/redeeminglaura/redeeminglaura.mobi

To access the mobi version, select “Save file” in the window that opens when you click the above link, then transfer the file onto your Kindle. Following is a video that explains how to do that:

Text: https://emilyjosephinewrites.com/wp-content/uploads/redeeminglaura/redeeminglauratext.txt

When you click the above link, the basic text of the novel will show up in the tab that opens. You will have to copy and paste the entire text of the novel into your own text document. After that, transfer it onto your reading device.

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