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Be One Of My Advanced Readers

Hello, you wonderful fan of mine! Interested in receiving my future publications for free? You can, if you become one of my Advanced Readers. However, you need to know that

Being an Advanced Reader isn’t JUST about receiving a free book.

If you want to be one of my Advanced Readers, you commit to doing the following:

  1. You read the book by its publication date (you will receive it a month or two before then).
  2. If you find any part in the book you believe needs tweaking (an unclear sentence/paragraph, etc.), you will let me know ASAP. I am NOT asking you to proofread! Being an Advanced Reader is much easier/funner than that. 😉
  3. You seriously consider writing a review of the book on Amazon within the first week of its publication (I will send you e-mail reminders). I can’t legally ask you to write a review, but I can ask you to “seriously consider” writing a review. 😉
  4. You tell all your friends and followers on your social media networks about the book on its launch date. NOTE: the launch date comes about a month after the publication date. They do not occur at the same time. 

I will make it easy for you on launch day by e-mailing you a link where you can get the book cover’s thumbnail image as well as a tweet text and a Facebook (or LinkedIn, or whatever) post text. In other words, all you do is grab the image and copy and paste the text into the tweet/post.

If you are a blogger and would like to write a review of my book on your blog that day, I would LOVE that…but you will be on your own. 😉

If all that sounds like a piece of cake to you, and you enjoy my work, feel free to sign up in the form below to become one of my Advanced Readers. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time. And you are in no way obligated to do the Advanced Reading thing for all of my books. Just whenever you feel like it. 😉