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The long version

[WARNING: This about page may be a bit snarky, because the author’s sense of humor tends to be on the snarky side. Sometimes.]

Author Emily Josephine – unlike the 500 other Emily Josephines on Facebook – has written, is writing, or is going to write Christian romance novels; sweet, clean romance novels; clean romantic suspense novels; Christian women’s fiction; and maybe even a supernatural thriller or five.

She has a few non-fiction titles under her belt, as well, plus a few short stories. But mostly, she writes novels, because mostly, that’s what people read, and mostly, that’s what she enjoy writing.

She began writing stories in the second grade, in the third grade earning her first Creative Writing award for a thrilling Thanksgiving tale entitled “Turkey Escapes.” The short story depicted the harrowing adventures of a farm turkey trying to avoid being the center of Thanksgiving dinner.

She continued to enjoy writing stories until high school, at which time she had to get serious about a future career. And since everybody knows that you can’t make money as a novel writer, she chose to get a teaching degree.

So she began her adult life as an elementary school teacher. Five years later realized that was not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, but her Knight In Shining Armor, otherwise known as her husband-who-made-twice-as-much-money-as-she-did, would not show up for another eight years to rescue her from the dark, scary dungeon known as The School System.

In the meantime, God began to awaken the sleeping dream of becoming a published novelist. She thought He must be crazy, because everyone knows you can’t make money writing novels.

Nevertheless, she got her fiction-writing feet wet with short stories for children’s magazines, then scripts for children’s books, along with short stories for adults.

A two-inch stack of rejection letters, two writing conferences, several more years, regular attendance at a local writing group (which included – drum roll, please – Mary Demuth!), a resignation letter to her school district, and a baby later, Emily Josephine decided to try out this little opportunity called Kindle publishing.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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The short version

Emily Josephine is the author of two inspirational romance series encompassing a total of nine novels. She earned a Creative Writing award in grades three through six.

And those early awards are the important ones. After all, grown-up writing awards mostly only come if you pay a membership to an exclusive writing association. You could write ten times better than anybody else in those associations, but they’d never recognize you because you refuse to pay their annual fee.

Emily doesn’t care about all that, though, because most of her readers give her four- and five-star reviews. And in 2004, Terry Whalin told her regarding her manuscript of The Envelope, “Somebody should publish this.”

And so, she did.

Wait, I’m supposed to be writing a short bio.

Hmm…okay. Emily Josephine lives with her husband and son in the beautiful mountains of southeast Oklahoma, praying for menopause to come quickly and trying not to complain about the humidity. When she’s not pounding out 2,000 words a day, she’s washing laundry by hand, making smoothies, gardening, and reading other people’s novels.

The end.

Unless you stick around and read my blog posts. Then you’ll see I’ve only just begun.

Thanks for being a reader, and many blessings to you,


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